Yoga with Janaki


Spring trimestr 6.4. - 25.4. 2020
Morning yoga Free places
Tuesday 7:30 - 8:30, Jako doma, Úvoz 47 (Janaki)

Price of the whole course is 1 560 CZK. If you will miss the class, you can compensate it in other our courses (in czech language, or english course with Janaki below). Registration through our reservation system here. Questions:

Morning is the best time to practice yoga as it awakens the entire system, gets energy flowing to the brain, sharpens the senses, and sets a great foundation from where to enter the new day.

The classes will have asana and pranayama practice, and simple use of mudras and mantras, practiced with love and attention.

Yoga - open class Free places
Tuesday 18:15 - 19:45, Jógamatka, Gorkého 44 (Janaki)

Price of one class 150 CZK. No registration needed - just come :)

Open Satyananda yoga classes. These drop-in based classes typically consists of a series of asanas, pranayama practice, Yoga Nidra relaxation practice, and simple uses of mudras and mantras.

They are aimed towards the internal experience with a more meditative focus.

I see yoga as a great tool for connecting to and awakening all parts of our selves, the body, the energy level, the mental capacity, and our deep potentials and creativity, and this is my passion and drive in teaching.

Telefon a e-mail:

776 361 332 (Nina)

774 844 685 (Jitka)


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